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Being born into a musical family is a manoeuvre that’s given by nature. In 1984 Sean Dhondt entered life toting drum sticks and a voice that soon started singing. His youth was a succession of musical experiences that led to the success of Nailpin: three albums of witty poppunk and tours to Japan and the USA.

Sean: "Thanks to Nailpin I tasted success and witnessed the rock circus, which at this time makes me more at ease and ensures that whatever happens now is just additional icing on the cake.”

Bored with the genre, it proved no great trauma for the musical glutton & co to dissolve the band in 2009. Sean had already graduated from the famous Rotterdam Conservatory in 2007, where next to pop & rock he willingly immersed himself into world music and jazz. In the meantime he also entered into the world of tv, but even as he became better known as a TV personality, he continued writing songs for others behind the scenes: 'ear candy' to order. In addition, he once again took up his place behind the drums with Hush Hush, a rootsy bio-product of blood brother Shaun Van Steen (Nailpin).

But his most impressive manoeuvre was yet to come. Sean always kept brooding on his own music and knowing best not to let eggs rot, he manoeuvred like a man possessed in between genres, selected and worked like a song smith at all hours, until he finally went to producer David Poltrock with a handful of songs. Sean: "I'm a fan of different genres, but ultimately an album should sound consistent, without becoming monotonous.”

David took care of the streamlining, Geoffrey Burton (Hong Kong Dong, Arno, Iggy Pop, Daan) added stylish dirty guitar work and Simon Casier (Balthazar, Douglas Firs) juicy base lines.

Sean: “This is my new manoeuvre, solo and in full control. Not that I'm out of ambition, but I don’t need to chase a dream anymore. I was in that dream with Nailpin, but only half realized it. I want it to be 100% enjoyment this time around. Because making music and everything around it, is what I enjoy most.”

by Tim Coene